Film as philosophy

coverCertainly a film can raise philosophical questions, but can a film really do philosophy? Is religious violence ever justified? How should we think about choices that might transform us? When do groups know? Are new insights from the behavioural sciences changing our understanding of self-knowledge? All this and news, reviews, columns and more in the latest issue of The Philosophers’ Magazine, out now.  You can subscribe here.

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Bartitsu at Festival No. 6

P1010710Well, that was amusing.  Sun, sherry and armlocks, not in that order, at the fabulous Festival No. 6. Hugely entertaining and nice to see some relaxing violence in such a fine setting. My thanks to friends who came along and made it possible, and of course the glorious Idler Academy.

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Teaching philosophy

tpm 69The next issue of The Philosophers’ Magazine is now published, featuring Julian Baggini on freedom, how to think about death, the ethics of head transplants and the politics of nuclear power — plus the usual mix of reviews, news essays and columns.  And there’s a fine forum on teaching philosophy.

You can subscribe here.

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TPM online

tpmcoverI’m happy to say that the charming and well-dressed people behind The Philosophers’ Magazine have swung into a new kind of action.  We have a new website, facebook page, and twitter feed.  And a splendid new app.  Brace yourself for some links.

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Bartitsu at the Museum of London

It was a pleasure to demonstrate a bit of cane fighting for the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London this week.  Many thanks to my associates Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Searle.

late london 2

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Suffragette jiu jitsu on The One Show

Here’s an excerpt from The One Show, with me getting flatted by my old pal and fellow jiu jitsu instructor Mary Petty — I’m the bad cop. There are two nice throws at the end, so it’s worth wading through the beard commentary.

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Jiu Jitsu on The One Show

one showCan a slight suffragette make light work of a larger attacker?  I’m in a martial arts demo with jiu jitsu black belt Mary Petty on The One Show tonight, from 7 pm.

The focus is Edith Garrud, a very small jiu jitsu instructor, who trained a team of women who looked after the suffragettes.  I’m an Edwardian policeman (cannon fodder) and Mary’s playing the role of Edith Garrud.  Hope it turned out well in the edit.  She kicked my head in.  Possible live demo as well tonight — just need to find a presentable gi without blood on it.


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