Persuasion at The School of Life

I’m doing a short course on persuasion at The School of Life.  Details here:

The Art of Persuasion

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Persuasion and selling a house

Here’s an interview with The Sunday Times about how the mechanisms of persuasion figure into selling houses: OK, You’ve Persuaded Me. It turns out that a grip on even a little of what’s out there in the world of persuasion could have big effects on both buyers and sellers.

Behind a paywall, unfortunately, but I do get called “the love child of Kirstie Allsopp and Derren Brown. Sort of.”  Which is nice.  I think.

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Persuaders in The Independent

An extract from a chapter on neuromarketing is here.

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Persuaders in The Sunday Times

The review is here, behind a paywall.  The reviewer isn’t entirely convinced by my take on how supermarkets manipulate us — but I’m won over anyway by his use of the word “jellifying”: the book is, he concludes, “a boisterous dissection of the forces jellifying our minds”.

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The Persuaders

So this is why I’ve been quiet for a while.  Out early next month.  More details to follow, I cover

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Film as philosophy

coverCertainly a film can raise philosophical questions, but can a film really do philosophy? Is religious violence ever justified? How should we think about choices that might transform us? When do groups know? Are new insights from the behavioural sciences changing our understanding of self-knowledge? All this and news, reviews, columns and more in the latest issue of The Philosophers’ Magazine, out now.  You can subscribe here.

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Bartitsu at Festival No. 6

P1010710Well, that was amusing.  Sun, sherry and armlocks, not in that order, at the fabulous Festival No. 6. Hugely entertaining and nice to see some relaxing violence in such a fine setting. My thanks to friends who came along and made it possible, and of course the glorious Idler Academy.

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