Stuart Low Trust

Here’s an article I wrote for the Guardian CiF Belief, called ‘Philosophy: a case of Sunday afternoon fever’.  It’s about a charity operating in north London, called the Stuart Low Trust, which provides companionship and puts on events for people who might have some experience of mental illness.  Each Sunday, they meet to discuss philosophy, and what’s amazing about it all is the openness the participants have to new ideas.  Compared to academic debates, where people largely already know what they think and just fight their corner, the people taking part here do so because philosophical questions are very much live ones for them.  Who should I be?  How should I live? What matters? All of that is a work in progress.  Of course, it’s work in progress for others too, even established academics, but somehow the people taking part in the Stuart Low Trust have a better grip on this fact than others do.

I admire, even envy that a bit.


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