Free stuff from The Philosophers’ Magazine

I’m slapping together carefully editing the next issue of tpm, and it occurs to me that I’ve never mentioned the fact that each week we put some content from the magazine on our site for free.  Follow these links for some excellent articles.

Here’s an interview with Frank Jackson on the knowledge argument.

Here’s Jennifer Saul on psychological biases and women in philosophy.

Here’s James Ladyman on the Higgs.

Here’s Catherine Z Elgin on disagreement.

Here’s Carolyn Korsmeyer on taste.

Here’s Mohan Matthen’s review of Nagels’ Mind and Cosmos.

Here’s Massimo Pigliucci’s review of Jim Holt’s Why Does the World Exist?.

The articles about disagreement still fascinate me.  In a sentence:  if you disagree with someone who’s just as reasonable, well informed and rational as you, should you stand by your guns or suspend judgement?  Both alternatives result in a mess, yet for just about anything you can think of, there’s an intellectual equal who disagrees with you.  Your choice:  dogmatism or sceptism.


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