Dunwich Dynamo

PICT6958Here’s a short blog post for the Guardian: Pedaling Through the Night on the Dunwich Dynamo.  In a sentence, around 2,000 cyclists on everything from road bikes to tandems show up at a pub in Hackney around 8 pm and ride through the night, unsupported, about 120 miles on mostly dark country roads to Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast.  Here’s more info from Southwark Cyclists.  It’s the furthest I’ve ever cycled, and it was an amazing, beautiful, challenging ride.  I managed it in 13 and a half hours or so.

There’s the obvious question: why?  I think probably it is an objectively ridiculous thing to do, but then again so is almost all sport.  You’ve got to get this ball in that hole over there, but you can’t walk over and drop it in — you have to start here and use these sticks and try to hit it in.  Almost all sporting endeavors are weird like this, it’s just that you’re more used to them than long distance cycling.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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