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Trump and persuasion

Here’s me saying Trump might get elected in April 2016 — I am not saying I told you so, but I kind of did.  From a New Humanist interview, you can find here.

Trump in front of a crowd, stoking emotions, invoking ‘us’ vs ‘them’ thinking – it’s the largest thing on the persuasive landscape anywhere at the moment. I know Clinton is ahead of Trump in almost all polls, but I think there’s a real chance of Trump being elected, just by looking at the influence he has over crowds.


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The Value of Persuasion

Here’s a very short talk for the Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam.  There’s nothing like having no time and no notes to focus your brain — really cool festival though.


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InScience Talk on Persuasion

I just found this, a link to a talk I gave in Nijmegen about persuasion and politics.



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