Climate Change

There are comment pieces for newspapers about climate change in the Opinion section as well.

“Do the Right Thing: ethics and the Warsaw talks”The European, 28 November 2013

“Justice for a Dollar a Day: Review of John Broome’s Climate Matters” TLS, 11 October 2013

New fuels new rules, talk for an interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Leeds, UK Energy Research Centre, Sept 2012

Video of ‘The Shifting Facts of Climate Change‘, a talk in the series, Rights to a Green Future, Studium Generale, Utrecht, December 2011 (PDF of the paper here)

Video interview for the Environmental Justice Foundation, Virtual Hay Festival, about environmental refugees

10 10, a talk about morality and action for the 10:10 Campaign, London, June 2011

Nudge Nudge“, a talk for Climate Change and Philosophy at the Tipping Point, Conference, University of Lancaster, March 2011

Written interview for Virtual Philosopher

Podcast with Nigel Warburton on climate change  for Ethics Bites, Open University/BBC

Why Bother Going Green When it Makes No Difference What You Do?“, Anthony O’Hear (Ed) The Environment, Cambridge University Press, 2011

Sustainability in Philosophy:  a survey of education for sustainable development in teaching in philosophy and history of philosophy of science“, Discourse, 10.1,  Report for the Higher Education Academy, 2011.  Version at the HEA.

Climate Change is a Moral Problem for You, Right Now“, Michael P Nelson and Catherine Moore (Eds), Moral Ground:  Eighty Visionaries on Why It’s Wrong to Wreck the World, San Antonio:  Trinity University Press, 2010.  I’ll ignore the word “visionaries” in that title if you will.

Climate Change and Moral Outrage“, Human Ecology Review, 17.2, Winter 2010

Ideas of the Century: Climate Change“, TPM 50, 2010

Climate Change and Moral Codes“, talk for the Middle East Peace Festival, March 2010

Climate Justice“, talk for Campaign Against Climate Change, November 2009

Climate Change and You:  Consequences, Intentions, and Consistency“, Dialogue, 2008

Introduction, Excerpt from The Ethics of Climate Change, Continuum 2008

Climate Change in 1,000 Years – Reply to Shand“, Think, Spring 2008