The Value of Persuasion, short video for The Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam

Interview with CBC: The Current on persuasion in politics and advertising

An Age of Unreason?, audio, conversation with Julian Baggini for Bristol Festival of Ideas

Big Ideas: Persuasion, longer talk for Inscience Festival, Nijmegen

The Age of Consent, 2 part series, BBC Radio 4

The Hidden Persuasion Industry, Brainfluence Podcast

Suffragette Jiu Jitsu, The One Show, BBC (I’m the bad cop)

Why Philosophy Matters, audio, Why Philosophy Matters Series, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

Luddites and Fools: creativity and technology in a digital age, panel discussion, HowTheLightGetsIn Festival

Demonstration of Bartitsu, the gentleman’s martial artSunday Brunch, Channel 4

Reputational risk drivers, interview with Swiss Re, Centre for Global Dialogue, Zurich, about ethics in business

The Shifting Facts of Climate Change, a talk in the series, Rights to a Green Future, Studium Generale, Utrecht

Interview on climate refugees for the Environmental Justice Foundation, Virtual Hay Festival

Ethics of Climate Change, interview with Nigel Warburton for Philosophy Bites, Open University/BBC

Climate Justice, short talk for Climate Camp Global Warmup